Personal Shopping

Bybarbaraella personal stylist can save you time, money wardrobe space.  Do you buy clothes and never wear them? Do you look into your wardrobe & say ‘I have nothing to wear ‘? Do you buy something for that special occasion and only wear it once?  Bybarbaraella will ensure you purchase investment versatile pieces that will last. You will find the perfect capsule wardrobe.

How it works

We will do a pre-shopping consultation. During this consultation I will access your requirements by listening to your individual styling needs, your budget, your personal style preferences and your overall image goal.

I will do my research in order to ensure our personal shopping day is productive and focused.

Personal Shopping Packages

2 HOURS - £210

Perfect for a style update, a special occasion, or a holiday wardrobe 

3 HOURS - £315

A very popular package as this allows time to update and overhaul your seasonal wardrobe.

4 HOURS - £420
This packages extra hour allows you to shop for numerous objectives, for example a seasonal wardrobe plus any special occasions coming up.