Wardrobe Edit

Bybarbaraella wardrobe edit will help you to understand and organize your wardrobe. You will learn what styles and shapes work best for you. We will get rid of what doesn’t work for you and elevate your wardrobe so that you always have an ‘Oh I know what I’ll wear moment’

The wardrobe edit will be at your home. This will allow us to access your wardrobe, see what is missing & how to add to your forever wardrobe. It is a perfect time to identify the clothes you no longer wear or to help you style them differently. You will know what works with the clothes already in your wardrobe creating looks that match your lifestyle. You will also learn how to choose your future purchases.

Wardrobe Analysis can take up to 2-3 hours depending on the wardrobe size.

This service is often followed up with the Personal Shopping service.

Price: €250 (travel expenses may apply)