Seventies Revival Here To Stay

What goes around comes around. The revival of the 70’s is here to stay for a little while longer - well we think so anyway. Some might be happy to say goodbye to flared trousers & bell bottom sleeves but I must admit I’m very happy to embrace my ‘hippie chic’ side.

Fashion trends repeat themselves. I’m sure you have all worn an outfit feeling your best and someone older has said, “oh I wore those when I was your age” or “I can’t believe they are back in fashion.”  Designers get their inspiration from past trends. From grandparent’s wardrobes, past fashion icons. Even media and films help shape current styles today. I think it's safe to say the release of ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ that hit our screens this year has been a huge source of 70’s fashion inspo, ready to take the world by storm once again.

The 70's was a decade bursting with stylish women. From Farrah Fawcett’s relaxed almost androgynous charm to Studio 54 energy of Bianca Jagger. Let's not forget the brazen Cher and of course the majestic supermodel Iman who commanded every catwalk.

So, what style inspo can we take from these style icons? I've given you a little breakdown of what they inspire in my closet. 


Farrah Fawcett

When 70's revival comes around Farrah Fawcett can’t go unmentioned. From relaxed over shirts, flared jeans she nailed the chic “off duty” look. Her hair style is also one that became a must have at the time and those bangs with plenty volume is one we are seeing many adopt this season.


Fashion is all about expression of personality and identity.  Cher used fashion to express herself and we love her for it. Known for continuously pushing boundaries with her outfits they were bigger and bolder every time. From feathers, sequin gowns, patterns, bright colours and bell sleeves -   Cher's wardrobe was and remains iconic. It was always clear that her outfits were an expression of her art but evident she actually enjoyed what she wore. It's no surprise her pictures still trend across social platforms today and Gen Z stars like Zendaya and Dua Lipa look to her for inspiration. 



Iman was first shot for vogue in 1976. This Somali supermodel had her pick of the 70's catwalk from top designers such as Halston, Issey Miyake, Versace, Calvin Klein all wanted Iman to headline their catwalk shows. You know it’s worth paying attention to what someone is doing when a designer as recognised as Yves Saint Laurent singles out someone as “their dream woman”. Perhaps it was the way she held herself and carried the clothes that we can only aspire to..


Bianca Jagger

Taking risks embodies Bianca Jagger. There was no fashion rule book when it came to her expression and stamp on style. She wore a white suit to marry her Rolling stone. She not only wore 70's fashion, she lived it and was fashion muse and model to the top designers of the time - namely Halston & YSL. This female activist was the original fashion risk taker, proving nothing was off limits. A force to channel when we get dressed!