Stand out SS23 Fashion week

I’m writing this midway through LFW -  post Copenhagen, New York, Madrid ..Plus, our ever FIRST newsletter is dropping into your inbox as London comes to a close & Paris kicks off!  There is a lingering feeling that a new era in fashion is beginning. Depending on where you indulge to find your fashion fix you may hear this fashion era being referred to “chaotic”, “messy” a little up in the air. I think this is a reflection of the world we are living in and the fashion world is using this energy as the voice to push boundaries. You could see it almost as an act of rebellion. Maybe that’s it? Will we look back on the 2020s and refer to this era for its rebellious spirit & chaotic energy?

Here are my top street style looks from each Fashion week, as ever..trying to keep it brief.

Copenhagen Fashion Week

Traditionally New York would claim to be the beginning of fashion week, however Scandinavian style has fast become one of the most anticipated and desirable aesthetics in the world. CFW didn’t disappoint expectations - jam-packed with inspiring street style. Scandi women radiate confidence & a cool we all could embrace.

Scandi styling is all about the accessories. Giving your practical outfits new life by adding a bold pop of colour scarf & sunnies.

Dressing tonally; don’t think I could talk about Copenhagen style without refereeing to tonal dressing in complementing shades.  Tonal dressing will make your outfit look pulled together and definitely ooze luxe.

 Dresses over skirts: Yes.. it’s back and was seen a lot on the streets of Copenhagen this year. The throwback style had a huge moment in the early 2000s, only now we are seeing this look in a more polished and grown-up twist.

Now, let's take to New York.

Finally, the weather played ball at this year’s NYFW. Usually hit by unexpected snow blizzards or thunderstorms, street style is covered by floor length puffers or oversized trench coats. However, this year with the bright blue skies New York took full advantage. If this years street style is anything to go by its safe to say that easy work from home dressing is well behind us..well for some! The fashion elite pushed the boundaries with bold explosions of colour.

Retro Rosettes

Nostalgia definitely played a part with lots of people acknowledging one of Carrie Bradshaws favourite trends, Retro Rosettes. Blooms were displayed by many in a variety of ways from a huge statement flower to a subtler approach with a delicate petal on the neck, shoulder and waistline.

Kumquat Orange.. This is a trend I couldn’t not mention (maybe its something to do with the fact I’ve recently died my hair this colour? ha).  The colour of the season, it's bold, daring & electric. I'm all over it. We're seeing it either full colour blocking head to toe or a pop of colour hinted through accessories.  It’s energizing & refreshing. The fruit AND the colour. P.s did you know you can eat the actual fruits whole? Fact. Delicious and fashion forward.

Fashion pundits embraced playful, magical energy with their kitsch factor accessories. From animals, to heart shapes or a choc-chip cookie nothing was too senseless.


I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is or why, but I must admit my anticipation for LFW street style is unrivalled. Maybe it's instilled from a fond childhood memory of that buzz & chaotic energy I felt from a girls shopping trip with my mom to London? Hard to say and this year was (thankfully) no different.

Motorcore, dopamine dressing, statement scruchies, hair accessories ,bold hair colours and vintage inspired pieces were key components for every fashion enthusiast taking to the streets of London this year.

If you've been following me for a while you will know that scrunchies & accessories are a long standing love affair of mine! I feel it would be utterly rude to turn my back on them now.. when scrunchies have never looked more stylish on the streets of London this week, right?

MotorcoreThe racer trend took over this year. This is something I adore about LFW - people aren’t afraid to push boundaries. A trend that may have been considered for “tik tok" generation - not this time. The racer revival was driven by a blend of daring pop-culture stars and Y2K rock ‘n roll nostalgia. London style kings and queens put their own stamp on it. 

And last but by no means least, we noted the vintage inspired pieces.  LFW typically pays tribute to the Saville Row aesthetic, there's history there, obviously. It was safe to say contemporary tailoring leant on it's OG showcasing vintage inspired pieces for a more edgy, retro casual everyday look.